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For Professional Level Comp Cards,  please collaborate with Pro-level and Industry active Photographers, Wardrobe Stylists, Make-Up Artists and Hairstylists (RESEARCH Industry Standards).  Clock and Flow can provide industry leading professionals for each of the necessary positions.  Inquire via email.  Be aware that the better the photo, the better the comp card. 


Once comp card final draft is approved by client, the transaction is finalized. Please review in detail before final approval. Be aware that the better the photo, the better the comp card.

Industry Standard Comp Card Design


The Comp Card or Composite Card is the most vital representation of you as a model.  Despite the importance, many models do not have an industry standard Comp Card.  Our Clock and Flow Team of Creatives can create a professional card with the photos provided.

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Model Website Design


In today's competetive market, a Professional looking website is expected.  The Clock and Flow Team of Creatives (Creators of this site) will design a four paged model website. Website will be designed with the photos/videos and information provided by the client, with the following pages:





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