Wacky Weaves!

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

That weave is nesty and oily. You need to wash it or take it out before you hit that audition! Many models think casting directors will overlook that sparrows nest you plopped on your head, but they won't! In fact they will talk about you when you leave the room. Stop losing pen caps and bobby pins under your track when you try to scratch that never ending itch. Stop patting your head so hard you end up with a concussion. Stop being lazy. Stop being delusional. I see models wandering aimlessly about like newborn calves with abominations suchered to their scalps. Modeling classes could only help so much. If there is an out of control weave predicament, IT takes precedence. Before you hit the runway or a take another photo, including selfies, please address that vinyl lace front and the way its positioned so low on the forehead! Please be aware, that I am not throwing stones. In my younger days I've been guilty of letting my weave get wispy. I've attacked itchy tracks like a gopher burrowing in the dirt at the river bank, many a tool have been devised to scratch that lil' spot. But I'm here today, blazing a new trail! Away with greasy strands of yak mane and slack tracks that dangle two whole inches from your scalp! Let's make a pact to get back on track by being more truthful about the true condition of that "thing" we got stapled to our heads.

We all need to do better!!

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