The "Jack of all Trades" Epidemic

One day a model handed me her business card. According to her, not only was she a model but also an actor, choreographer, makeup artist, dancer, motivational speaker, cosmetologist, personal trainer, screenwriter, paralegal, welder, spiritual adviser, Karate teacher, shoemaker, photographer, mechanic, hairdresser, army recruiter, juggler, film critic, book critic, food critic, human resources administrator, flutist, dog whisperer, licensed family counselor, traveling circus freak, dental hygienist, architect, Lead Trauma Surgeon at Emory Hospital, refrigeration technician, equestrian instructor and funeral director. I was impressed that she had so many side hustles, but how thin can you spread yourself?! When I suggested that she streamline her approach, she scoffed at me and walked away. I mean, what do I know right? I've only been doing this for 85 years.

uhhhh, um, okay?

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