Should I Dress Like a Stripper for my Audition?

I am so happy to see eager young models striving for perfection. It ain't easy beatin' your face, trekking to an audition, dealing with other models in the waiting room while they throw shade with a stank face. Then there's the wait afterward to even see if you get a callback let alone book the job! Needless to say, we must do everything we can to stand out! However, this does not mean that you show up to the audition dressed like a floozy who just staggered into the audition after a long night of running from pimps and police. You may have a beautiful figure, but when your boobs fall out from bottom of your neon pink halter top and your butt cheeks are making a cameo appearance through your virtually translucent leggings, it may be time to evaluate your audition wardrobe. So you say to yourself, "Okay know-it-all, Clock and Flow Administrator, if I can't showcase my dusty thong or sport my green "night dress" with a split up the old wazoo, what should I wear?" My answer? "Sign up for Clock and Flow classes and Cairo will teach you everything one needs to look like a Pro Model. After all, she can't give you these gems for free, momma gotta eat!

This is unacceptable people! UNACCEPTABLE!!

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