Reality Check: Life of a Working Model

“I want to Model. How do I get started?” Model Coaches get this question all time. Trust me when I say we do not take anyone serious when this is your first question. It is a basic question that take only a few minutes to google. When you are truly interested in something, do you not research first? Raise your hand if you did not google Game of Thrones or Wendy Williams this week? The growth of Instagram models has resulted in the rise of models in every category who at the top end can make millions a year through the endorsement of products. This is not an easy accomplishment.

Starting today think of yourself as a brand. Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly. • What is branding? • What is my point of view in fashion, beauty, and any other interests I may have? • How many hours and days can I commit to branding and marketing? • Where will I receive training? • What type of Model am I?

     These questions and answers should help you understand yourself so you can brand correctly. My modeling career began before social media was used in the fashion industry. We relied heavily on our Agents and Managers to secure us work. No longer my queens and kings. You must put in equal amount of work with your team. Think of it as a collaboration. The more hands invested in networking on your behalf and sending you out on auditions the better chances you have in creating a buzz behind your name. Take some initiative. No one will work harder for your brand than you. When the check writers see you’re actively involved in your success, they are more likely to trust that you have the know how of today’s standards in “selling” their products. So, you see, life as a working Model isn’t glam all the time. You must put in hours of training and work. Good luck out there! #ClockandFlow

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