True Power is derived from self confidence. Confidence is the result of overcoming the obstacles that appear in ones path.  The Power Up Program uses the Clock and Flow Technique to help construct a positive self image.


PowerUp is a four class (one class per week) intensive training program that includes (but goes beyond) the Posing, Runway and Intro to the Modeling Industry classes offered in a traditional Clock and Flow setting.  

This Program reaches those in need of confidence, moving them closer to self love and respect.

PowerUp is perfect for non-profit organizations that focus on the development of young people in need of self confidence, and comfortability "in their own skin". 


PowerUp is also amazing for anyone who feels like they need their "mojo back".  Those who were recently widowed, divorced, retired and feeling disconnected from their "selves" have also discovered a newfound confidence after engaging in the program.  

Mentorship and self-care program