True Power is derived from self confidence. Confidence is the result of overcoming the obstacles that appear in ones path.  The Power Up Girls Empowerment Program uses the Clock and Flow Technique to help girls construct a positive self image.


Power Up is a four class (one class per week) intensive training program that includes (but goes beyond) the Posing, Runway and Intro to the Modeling Industry classes offered in a traditional Clock and Flow setting.  Topics include:​

  • dance (as a method to achieving body awareness) 

  • hair care 

  • body care 

  • skin care

  • basic nutrition

  • basic fitness 

  • job interview etiquette

"My daughter bloomed after just two hours of Clock and Flow!"

Sandra W.

"After my divorce, my teen daughter hit a low point. Clock and Flow and Power Up brought her out of her shell. Now she's laughing and smiling all the time. I finally have my daughter back!"

Tonya R.

"My husband and I spent thousands of dollars at this "well known" modeling school in Atlanta.  After six months we saw no change in her ability. After four classes with Cairo, she used Clock and Flow to book her first commercial modeling gig! AMAZING!"

Cheryl Q.